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Even the word strikes fear and dread into some people! If you're the kind of person who doesn't like haggling at car boot sales, or can't bring yourself to ask for a discount when your meal at the local restaurant took two hours to come, then read on!

Negotiation is an underrated skill and becomes even more important when you're negotiating on what is probably your most expensive asset - your home! It's clearly not something you want to get wrong and yet, done face to face or even over the phone, it's a very intimidating interaction. At Maguire Jackson Online we think that it's not good enough to leave this process to chance or at the mercy of your negotiation skills and so have, instead, provided you with a simple mechanism that almost does the negotiating for you. When an offer comes in, just tick a few boxes and we'll generate a response for you that handles it politely, with sensitivity and without the smell of desperation about it! What this does is remove the emotive element from the conversation and enables the interaction to evolve and grow like a real-life negotiation between two seasoned pros, ensuring that it's always open-ended and never offensive. So, if negotiation fills you with dread, don't worry, because we've got it covered.

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